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Screw Caps 6 Pack - Mixed Pack (2 x Large, 4 x Standard)


CORAVIN™ Screw Caps, together with any Coravin™ Wine System, open your door to savoring a glass of your favorite wine in a bottle closed with a screw cap.

Designed with a silicone membrane, Coravin™ Screw Cap reseals itself after being accessed using a Coravin™ Wine System, just like a natural cork would. Protect your wine from oxidation for up to three months. Now you can open a bottle, put a Coravin™ Screw Cap on, taste your wine, then leave it and come back to enjoy it later.

The Coravin Screw Caps are reusable and can be access 50 times before they need to be replaced

Size Advice:  The vast majority of screw cap wine in the market uses the standard size closure, however there are some brands that do use the large format so it's handy to have both.

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